Why Pressto Franchise?

  • The franchise with the largest number of awards in the sector

  • MyTransformation

    Elements of Success

    • Popularity of a leading world brand.
    • Proven success of Know How which has been transferred to 700 outlets over the 5 continents.
    • Latest technology which goes with an exclusive and ecologic machinery.
    • Presentation of a wide range of high quality services orientated to customers.
    • Use of the latest resources for marketing and sales promotions.
    • Initial and continuous support for the master to achieve a successful and profitable business.
    • A true social commitment and respect for the environment.
    • Pressto is the chosen brand for the main shopping centre developers.
  • MyTransformation

    Leading Franchise in a Privileged Sector

    • Basic service targeted for 90% of the population.
    • With a growing request derived from new fabrics and changing lifestyles.
    • Repeated consumption: loyalty building opportunity.
    • No stocks.
    • Sector under renewal with the disappearance of traditional competitors.
    • Low cost of consumables.
    • Strong sector in economic recession.
  • Chosen by the Best Shopping Centre Developers

  • Quality Customer Service

  • Superb Franchise Opportunity

  • MyTransformation

    Social Commitment

    • Philosophy of ethical commitment with society and environment since the company foundation.
    • Humanitarian aid: we collaborate closely with NGOs in different international cooperation projects.
    • Environment: both machinery, based on our exclusive designs and R&D, as well as all products used in cleaning processes are environment friendly.